Herreshoff S-Class of Western Long Island Sound
2015 Season Recap

Congratulations to Howard T. Howard and William Simmons on capturing the fleet
Championship during the 201
5 season aboard Allegro. Allegro was put to the test by
Kandahar II and Iroquois throughout the season. Danae received some stiffness in the form
of a repaired/replaced keelson and looked great with stripped and repainted topsides.
was on the line for key races and did well, while George and Eric Hanson once again brought
the perfectly restored
Phoenix to race. Dilemma had a rough season, but will be back for
more next year.

Wistful, long in Narragansett Bay, was brought to Mamaroneck and put in sailing shape with
extreme effort by its new caretaker, Pierre. She was renamed
Ingwe and raced better each
Pierre is a great sailor and the fleet should all be scared...very scared.

Tern is being actively restored in Mamaroneck and hopes to be in the water in 2016-2017.

Trapper, a 1925 S-boat, was purchased and is in the process of making its way from Lake
George to IYRS in Newport to be restored. We hope to bring her back to the fleet when

Additionally, Mischief, currently located in Narragansett Bay, is for sale. See the Boats
Available tab.

The fleet plans to host the next Nationals regatta in the Fall of 2016 and is actively looking for
prospective new members to restore boats in the region and join the fleet.